Training ground-Razlog
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”Trainging ground” - town of Razlog

The combined educational shooting for hunting shooting is designed and constructed for the exercise of shooting disciplines „Scate” и „Trap”.

It represents a concrete path, filled in a semicircle with eight shooting positions (posts) to discipline „Scate” and five others for discipline „Trap”. On both sides of the site for shooting met two towers (small and large), diametrically opposite one another. It is carried out disposal of "plates" as targets for shooting. They serve discipline „Scate”. Each tower has an area of 6,25m2. For discipline „Trap” is constructed facility dug an area of 45,25м2, for each of the five posts were installed three metal devices disposal dishes. Device management is performed by the command post area 12,25м2, located behind the semi rainbow, also semi-dug into the ground.

For the purposes of competitions in shooting fulfilled barbecue (area of 70,30m2), consisting of a dining room and recreation room guard and two bathrooms and technical room for diesel unit.

For guests of events is built platform for spectators area 50,30m2 and parking at the entrance of the complex with ten parking spaces.


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