Reconstruction of existing sites – warehouses
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Reconstruction of existing sites – warehouses

Completed project for reconstruction of existing construction sites - 2 neighbor warehouses with numbers: Warehouse # 9 and Warehouse # 10 in a winery and a warehouse for finished production in the village of Chernogorovo, countryside Mogilata, Pazardzhik municipality. The warehouses are existing, one-storey, made of reinforced concrete prefabricated structure with double-sided roof. The constructions of the buildings consists of precast reinforced concrete frames and roof reinforced concrete panels. The walls are filled of solid single bricks.

While realizing the project in Warehouse # 10 a “production zone” for processing, production and bottling of red and white wines is set up. The production group include:
1. A platform for grape reception and processing with a bright area of 169.18 sq.m.
2. Premises with vessels for red wines fermentation with a bright area of 253.05 sq.m.
3. Premises for white and red wines fermentation with a bright area of 426.66 sq.m.
4. Service corridor with a bright area of 159.02 sq.m.
5. Three premises for wine maturation and aging in woods 45.03 sq.m., 49.54 sq.m., 57.86 sq.m.
6. Premises for bottling with a bright area of 106.56 sq.m.
7. Warehouse – 44.13 sq.m. A part of Warehouse # 10 is reconstructed, and the precast reinforced concrete structure is replaced by a monolithic one, which is necessary for technological reasons in order to bring together the high vessels for red wines fermentation. A wooden roof structure is built on the reinforced concrete frames. The surrounding walls are made of bricks lattice. A warm connection between the two warehouses is built from a metal bearing structure, with brick barriers and walls and a roof of polyurethane thermo panels where are located:
8. Microbiology laboratory: 7.94 sq.m.
9. Laboratory: 15.30 sq.m. In front of the two laboratories there is a loading zone with a surface of 21.95 sq.m. and a ramp of 27.39 sq.m. In Warehouse # 9 there is a “Warehouse zone” and a “Service area” with:
10. Store for cardboard boxes: 28.27 sq.m.
11. Premises for assembly of cardboard boxes: 17.31 sq.m.
12.Tempperation of bottles: 21.54 sq.m.
13. Story for auxiliary materials 16.80 sq.m.
14. Store for empty bottles 319.60 sq.m.
15. Existing refrigeration chambers for grape cooling.
16. Service area 170.54 sq.m.
17. Existing refrigeration chamber for wine cooling.
18. Depot for bottled wine 330.74 sq.m.
19. Premises for staff rest 13.88 sq.m.
20. Anteroom with sink 7.03 sq.m.
21. WC with shower 4.20 sq.m.

Natural materials are used for the façade: stone revetment, wooden elements, wooden portal doors with wrought iron element and modern materials: PVC windows of wooden color, mineral plasters, roofing panels, polyurethane filling.

Production zone
Plot area /sketct/: 71 080 sq.m.
Built-up area of all buildings: 12 754.40 sq.m.
Total built-up area of all buildings in the plot: 13 230.40 sq.m.
Building density: 17.94%
Building intensity: Coefficient of construction intensity = 0.186
Landscaped area: 18 120 sq.m.
Landscaped area: 25,49%
Building manner: free
Character of building: low with height <10 m
Built-up area of the reorganized and reconstructed part: 1 487.15 sq.m. 

In case you want to review our performance certificate, you can download it from here  


Vinstoy Ltd., Razlog carried out the construction works of MKD EOOD on project: Reconstruction of existing sites – Warehouses # 9 and # 10 in Winery and Depot for finished production village of Chernogorovo. All works were carried out professionally in strict compliance with the regulatory requirements in the Republic of Bulgaria. The materials for the construction works were accompanied by a document of origin. Vinstroy Ltd., Razlog disposes of well-trained engineering technical staff, skilled workers, its own mechanization and motor transport.

Manager of MKD EOOD
/Massimo Acolini/

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