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Single-family residential building – town of Blagoevgrad

Situational solution:

The design is as an individual free-standing building, located in the northern part of the property near the street regulation line. Sought is free of the space on the south and at the same time comfortable communication connection with the street.

The pedestrian and vehicle access is on the north. For greater comfort before the residential entrance placed of buffer green area and openwork fence insolating the street to some extend and making the entrance cozier. For the vehicles built is a garage with elevation – 1.20 and one opened parking space located on the supplementary construction on the east.

Spatial solution:
In the basis of the formation is the idea to create a building with expressed modernistic character, with clear volumes, contacting between one another, following the terrain’s line and creating a balanced composition. Another main point in the artistic pursuit is the natural dedication – the Balarbashi hill in Blagoevgrad, characterizing with expressive de-leveling opening a great view to the city and nearby area. For the maximal perception of this volumes are completely opened on the south,

The entire building is subordinate to rectangular raster system of thick lining elements; TRESPA panels (ventilated façade), aluminum façade with automatic window blinds and windows in the raster.
The building is coordinated with the volume and space restrictions and required technical indicators for residential areas with low construction: maximal density of 60%, building’s height H=10m and green areas of 30%.

Functional and architectural-composite solution:
The building has four main levels with adjacent sub-levels as the bottom one is partially dug into the terrain and part of the upper one is a usable rooftop balcony with pool. This internal structure results of the terrain’s dynamics and the concept for its following.

The rooftop area consists of two zones covered one 9 (elevation +4.60) where located is the summer kitchen, inventory area, restroom and opened part (elevation +5.95 and elevation +6.45) with pool and relax area with trellis.

Monolithic reinforced concrete beams and columns, earthquake shear walls and slabs. The interior walls are made of hollow bricks (fours) 25 cm. All partition walls are made of grid tiles 12 and 25 cm. The roof is flat with 10 cm thermal insulation and cover of waterproofing with mineral powder coating.

Technical data
Total built-up area = 464,95 m2
Built-up area = 165,10 m2
Area = 35%
Construction ratio = 1.0


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